PRECIOUS: More power in a second teaser

New girl group PRECIOUS has released a new teaser to boost its fandom.

PRECIOUS unveiled a second teaser for their MV on September 18th at midnight, revealing a stronger and more powerful side to next-gen girl groups.

The video teaser for PRECIOUS ‘music video, which was released today, has become a hot topic for fans at home and abroad.

We posted this second video teaser for our debut MV with the track ‘Bebe‘. The track was taken from PRECIOUS‘ debut album ‘LET IT SHINE‘ on PRECIOUS‘ official YouTube channel and SNS,” its agency U.M.I. Entertainment.

In this video the 5 members LEE SOO, HAN WOOM, JI HYO, EUN B and HAN BYEOL find themselves in a factory, flooded, simply lit by an intense yellow light, performing part of the choreography of “Bebe“.

Previously 4 members of the group had unveiled individual photo teasers to express different aspects of their personality.

Group PRECIOUS, will unveil the individual photos of the latest member HAN BYEOL during the day, to make its official debut with the title “Bebe” on September 23rd.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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