3YE: A performance for a charity match

Girl group 3YE joined the group on stage to celebrate the charity match.

3YE, YUJI, YURIM, HAEUN, performed to celebrate the “2020 Star Online Hope Basketball” charity game held at Uijeongbu Gymnasium on the afternoon of September 19th. 3YE performed its tracks “Queen” and “Yessir” that same day.

3YE, who performed its third title track “Queen“, said, “We have heard this charity match marks its 10th anniversary. Congratulations! We are so happy to be here with Third Eye. The weather is so cold. these days so be careful not to catch a cold and love 3YE a lot.”

3YE caught the eye when they performed the title track “Yessir” from its debut mini-album “TRIANGLE” released in June. Through this celebration, 3YE showed its unique charm and strong charisma. In particular, the performance of “Yessir” aroused the admiration of those who could see a perfectly synchronized group dance.

The “2020 Online Hope Basketball with Stars” charity match was hosted by the Hope Basketball All Star Organizing Committee, hosted by Han Ki Beom Hope Sharing, sponsored by Korea Basketball Association, KBL, WKBL, Uijeongbu City and Uijeongbu City Sports Council. The charity match, which took place face to face without contact, was broadcast live on YouTube, Naver TV and Afreeca TV.

Former basketball players Park Kwang Jae, Bang Sung Yoon, Kim Min Seop, Jeon Tae Sung, Noh Seung Jun, Kim Kwang Won and Han Ki Bum performed together performed in the “Sarang Team”, with the participation of celebrities Kwon Sung Min , Sangchu, Shorry and Shim Ji-ho. Former basketball players Ha Seung Jin, Lee Hang Beom, Seok Jong Tae, Kim Dong Woo, Lee Hyun Seung and Park Sung Jin performed in the “Huimang Team”, along with famous Kim Young Joon, Park Jae Min, Seo Ji Seok, Basick and Oh Seung Hoon.

Along with 3YE, Park Sang Min, Ladydol and Kim Min Chae celebrated the “2020 Online Hope Basketball with Stars”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: GH Entertainment

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