Saturday, September 30, 2023
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B.I.G : Benji visits Incheon beach for ArirangTV

In the last episode of ArirangTV‘s “See What I See 2“, B.I.G‘s fans were surprised to see one of the members: BENJI.

See what I see 2” is a show broadcasted on Youtube every Friday by the English channel Arirang. The show aims to introduce, to the Korean culture fans, places and activities never seen before in South Korea. Each week, viewers are guided by various personalities of the Korean wave to discover a new aspect of the country. A few weeks ago, B.I.G (for “BOYS IN GROOVE“) fans discovered the photo of member BENJI on the “See what I see 2” webpage. Without any announcement of his participation in the show, it was during the last episode of “See What I See 2” that the fans had the pleasure to see BENJI.

This episode of “See what I see 2” focuses on a new trend: eco-friendly tours in South Korea. Accompanied by the Rwandan model PEACE, BENJI visits some fishing villages around Incheon. After a successful clam harvest, the two men enjoy riding a zip-line and eating delicious seafood. You can find the last episode of “See what I see 2” with BENJI here:

You can find all the information about the broadcast “See what I See 2” on this link.

Journalist : Julie
Translator : Julie
Source : Arirang TV

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