B.I.G : The leader is back

J-HOON, B.I.G leader, has just completed his military service today, September the 19th.


J-HOON, real name Im Jeong Hun, B.I.G leader, enlisted on November 15, 2018 within the public services. The group’ fans, the Biginnings, were surprised to see the first publication of the leader on his instagram 1 year and 10 months after his enlistment:


I came back safely

Thanks so much to the fans who waited for me😃❣

During these two last years, despite J-HOON‘s absence, the other members of B.I.G, BENJI, GUNMIN, MINPYO, HEEDO and JINSEOK remained active. After JINSEOK joined the band in January 2019, their popularity exploded in 2019 with their cover of the Arabic song “La Bezzaf” by the band THE5. Driven by the enthusiasm of Arab fans, B.I.G began to learn Arabic and kept on releasing Arabic covers throughout 2019. The cover “3 Daqat” becomes B.I.G‘s most viewed video clip with 10 million views to date.

B.I.G also focused during these two years on their solo activities such as the release of BENJI‘s single “Téléphone” and his first solo concert; or the creation of GUNMIN and HEEDO‘s YouTube channels

With the return of J-HOON, fans hope to see the first ever comeback with the 6 members: J-HOON, BENJI, GUNMIN, MINPYO, HEEDO and JINSEOK.

Source: B.I.G SNS
Translator: Julie
Journalist: Julie

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