B1A4: A taste of SANDEUL

Teasers of the clip of the version of SANDEUL, of the “boy band” B1A4, have been unveiled.

On October 14th, WM Entertainment released two still clippings for the music video for B1A4‘s fourth album “ORIGIN” on its official SNS.

In the posted image, SANDEUL sits above a washing machine inside an automatic laundry room, holding a cross with a scared look on his face. In front of the doors, a herd of zombies creates a strange atmosphere. Dramatic scene in a movie and mysterious and intense color with dark mood catch the eye, raising expectations for this comeback.

Beginning with an unconventional opening trailer that appears to be watching a zombie flick, B1A4 earlier released a romantic, black-and-white-like second video trailer that has a nice feel and retro sensibility, heralding a huge return.

B1A4‘s fourth album, “ORIGINE“, begins with “Intro-Origine”, then the title track “Like a movie“, “What is LoVe?” “Diving“, “더 뜨겁게 사랑할 여름 에 만나요 (For BANA)“, “Tonight“, “나르샤“, “물방울” is a total of 12 tracks waiting for you. We expect the title track “Like a movie” to become cult, reflecting B1A4‘s identity, as CNU‘s self-composed songs fill the entire album with the self-composed songs of the other members.

So far, B1A4 has solidified its position by gaining recognition for its musicality on the K-pop scene with its unique concept of “self-made idol”. In addition, the album, which will be released approximately three years and a month, brings together new challenges and expectations for the music they will unveil, as they have broadened their musical spectrum, in their respective fields, creating the musical color of B1A4 .

B1A4 are scheduled to release their fourth full album “ORIGIN” at 6pm on October 19th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: WM Entertainment

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