LXX: His first solo title

Artist LXX today unveils his first solo track “Black“.

This November 22nd, LXX uploaded his first solo MV for the track “Black” to the 28laboratory YouTube channel.

First of all a flashback to LXX, kpop fans know him as ALEX, member of the group HIGH4. The group was formed of 4 boys SUNGGU, MYUNGHO, YOUNGJUN and ALEX, they released several outstanding songs including duets with singer IU or Lim Kim and the titles “Headache”,D.O.A” and “Day by day“.

LXX is originally from the USA, but having Korean nationality he did his military service between March 2018 and October 2019. The former main rapper of the group HIGH4 therefore joined the 28laboratory label, which is hardly surprising because he is close to CORBYN ( former member of 24K (Cory)) which he is very close to.

For this first solo title LXX has a dark vision of his way,

” Wake up every morn / Tell myself everyday that you good on your own / Gotta be smart gotta be strong / Dad wasn’t there but my mama hella strong / But look me at now / My shadow lookin sorry for myself / My body cannot follow without help / Never got up from where I fell “

Would that be an atonement for his past, before he could properly open his eyes when he got up in the morning?

What is certain is that this is a new departure for LXX within a new label in which he will be able to express his feelings and his desires.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: 28laboratory

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