Friday, September 29, 2023


Singer PARK JIHOON will meet with K-pop fandom platform UNIVERSE.

On November 22nd, NCsoft Corp. and CLEP Corp. announced that PARK JIHOON will join the UNIVERSE platform. PARK JIHOON will share various content in UNIVERSE and communicate with fans around the world.

UNIVERSE” with PARK JIHOON is a new K-POP entertainment platform that allows users to enjoy fandom activities online and offline anytime through mobile devices. UNIVERSE is expected to provide new experiences for fans all over the world who love K-POP, with not only functionality and content differentiated from other K-POP platforms, but also fandom activities delivered in the form of recordings and rewards.

Previously, UNIVERSE also unveiled its specialized Media, Fan Network Service (FNS), Private, Collection and Studio functions, as Content Creators. In UNIVERSE, fans can communicate in real time under the name of “content creators”. Fans will be able to communicate and receive rewards through self-created content, such as photos, videos, secondary treatments and fan art, which will also provide new enjoyment to participating fans.

PARK JIHOON, who was unveiled as the new artist of UNIVERSE, appeared in 2017 and gained a lot of popularity by creating the buzzword “Save in my heart” based on his refreshing graphics and solid skills. PARK JIHOON, who also turned into a solo artist and actor, has gained popularity overseas beyond Korea and has been recognized for his versatility. He recently released his debut album “MESSAGE” and has been active with his title track “GOTCHA“.

PARK JIHOON is expected to display a different charm in the world of UNIVERSE, attracting fans’ expectations.

UNIVERSE, which unveiled the lineup of PARK JI HOON and other participating artists, has announced the pre-booking process through its official website and is expected to be released to the global market early next year. More information about UNIVERSE can be found on the official website.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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