SPILL THE BEAT: LuVan in the Korean hiphop sphere

Out of view from his parents, he buys equipment to register and so “LUVAN” is born.

(KSTATION TV recommens that you listen to the artist’s songs for a music reading experience !)

“Of course I know who’s BEENZINO !” that’s what the middle schooler KIM HYUN-WOO says to his friends. At night, he goes home and search for the first time the artist’s name and his songs. Time passes and addiction is present. He spends a lot of time in karaoke rapping on the songs of his favorite artists. Afterwards he felt the need to create his own songs, at that time he is a third grade of middle school. Behind the backs of his parents, he bought material to register and carelessly posted on SoundCloud his first compositions and his identity as an artist, LUVAN, was born.

I pretended to know him, and I thought about it as a joke. Then I searched BEENZINO on the internet  and listened to his songs, and I just fell in love with hip hop music.” – LUVAN

Today, BEENZINO is a role model and a dream collaboration with whom LUVAN hope working with.

Thinking twice, LUVAN has been into hiphop music for ever. The first time he heard JAY-Z‘s “EMPIRE STAE OF MIND” (2009) music, he first thought was “what is it ?“.

We can feel in this young boy the flame of passion growing in him, with many goals in life. His goal in music would be to keep on creating and being  daily listened by people (internationally).

“In fact, I often get messages of people getting comfort when listening to my songs, and whenever it happens, I take responsibility for the next music more seriously.” – LUVAN

He believes that, to him, the best way to keep a close relation with fans is to be able to make music that he enjoys doing and they (fans) can be listened in their daily life.

In May 2020, before heading to  do his duty, LUVAN dropped a single “PARTY” (ft. LEE YOUNG-JI) and an EP “MADE IN ROCKSTAR”.  This last EP is made of 3 tracks “Rockstar”, “Empty” and “Wavy”. You can find more tracks (unofficial) on SoundCloud.

While talking about his titles, 2 of them are very precious to him : “Depression” from his EP “@DARKROOM” (on SoundCloud) and “Empty” from “MADE IN ROCKSTAR” (on Apple Music and Melon) because these songs translate his moments of depression and anxiety.

Kind of related to his past, he would dream that, later in groups of friends poeple say LUVAN ? Yes I know, his musics are great.” in all honesty this time.

As long as there is a public for its productions, LUVAN won’t stop.

“Of course, the process, the result, will be commensurate with my efforts. […] I’m looking forward to my next future steps.” – LUVAN

Hoping that his voice echoes to people who can enjoy his music, LUVAN is completing his duty before starting again musical production. He already planned an EP and a single when he gets free from his duty.

Meanwhile his comeback you can follow his unofficial musical releases on SoundCloud. You can also follow LUVAN on social networks:

MelonApple MusicSoundCloudInstagram

Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: LUVAN

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