TO MY STAR: JIN KWON ready for a new challenge

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JIN KWON, the leader of the group NEWKIDD, proud to be found in the web drama “TO MY STAR“.


We told you that NEWKIDD’s leader JIN KWON has been selected to star in the drama “TO MY STAR“. Happy with this selection JIN KWON confirms it with photos on his SNS. The young man who has a strong fandom thanks to solid performances and a gentle charisma, will continue his career as an “actor idol” after being confirmed in the cast of the BL web drama “TO MY STAR”, co-produced by the producers of dramas Energedic Company and H & Co. This proves that JIN KWON has a wide range of possibilities and qualities.

“TO MY STAR” is the powerful portrait of the love story of actor Kang Seo Joon and chef Han Ji Woo. In the upcoming drama, JIN KWON stars as Baek Ho Min, who feels “the excitement” faster and more often than anyone in the world. He will revitalize the drama with his sweet and delicious acting skills.

JIN KWON, who has proven his potential as an actor through the popular web drama “Love after school 2”, is determined to broaden his acting spectrum through drama. As he has typically shown varied charms such as dancing, singing and cooking via NEWKIDD‘s YouTube channel, expectations are high for his next role. Above all, he should be a surprise gift for fans who felt sorry they couldn’t see him on stage as a result of Covid19.

I am very nervous and excited because it has been a long time since I was on such a project,” said JIN KWON, through his agency.

I think that I can participate in the work with a strong heart because I can meet the fans who have been waiting for me. We will do our best to show you the best of ourselves.

TO MY STAR” production team said, “JIN KWON is a versatile friend. The member is known to have a warm and pure personality behind the intense image shown on stage. Expect another charm . shown in this work.

TO MY STAR” has completed its cast selection and has gone into production.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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