GOT7: The lucky Seven marks 100 Millions

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You calling my name” becomes the seventh MV of the group to exceed 100 million views on the YOUTUBE platform.

Teaser des 100 millions pour « You calling my name » de GOT7

Seven as in GOT7, seven which symbolizes the seven members of the group but also a seven for the seventh MV at 100 Million views. A figure which seems to bring good luck to the boys and which marks a new record for the group. A news that coincides with « BREATH OF LOVE : THE LAST PIECE » new comeback of the group on November 30th, 2020.

After the MV and titles song of the group « Lullaby », « If you do », « Never ever », « Hard carry », « A », and « Just right », it’s « You calling my name » single from their first comeback of 2020 “Call my name” has just crossed the 100 million views mark on the famous YOUTUBE video streaming platform.

Sept MV’s de GOT7 ayant atteint les 100 Millions de vues sur la plateforme YOUTUBE

A series of personal bests for the group at the end of 2020. A very eventful and very special year given the impossibility for the group to meet the iGOT7, the group’s fandom, due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. Record which is followed by the crossing of 10 million views for « Breath » single from their comeback just two days after its release.

A record year for GOT7, fruitful for the group and for the members with new opportunities for each to embark on new fields such as cinema, a solo career, important projects, modeling or even to develop projects already in progress. Classes. A promising opening for the year 2021, during which GOT7 will blow out its seventh candle.

The group and the fans seem despite a long separation to be even closer, the iGOT7 didn’t hesitate to support by sharing on the web through hashtags and fanbase posts the many projects of the group and the members. A support noticed by the GOT7 who have also exchanged a lot with the Aghases via their personal social networks to strengthen this unique bond so cherished and to appreciate members with their fandom.

Affiche officielle pour les 10 millions du single « BREATH » du comeback « BREATH OF LOVE : THE LAST PIECE » de GOT7

Journalist: Kass Translator: Shawn Sources: Youtube GOT7 Official, Youtube JYP Official, SNS GOT7 Official, SNS JYP Ent Official

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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