Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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DAY6 : KIM SUNG KYU as a guest in YOUNG K’s radio show

YOUNG K is currently radio DJ for the show DAY6 KISS THE RADIO.


While the band DAY6, of JYP ENTERTAINMENT,still hasn’t announced any official date for its comeback, the members are still active, wether on radio shows, podcasts or even by creating the first sub-unit, earlier this year, called EVEN OF DAY.

YOUNG K, especially, aside from the multiple covers uploaded on Youtube and the activities with the sub-unit EVEN OF DAY, is also radio DJ for KBS COOL FM studios, for a temporary show called “DAY6 kiss the radio“.

For this show, multiple guests are invited in the studios to share a moment with the singer. Several talented singers were invited, such as 2 other members of DAY6 WONPIL & DOWOON, ERIC NAM, few members of TXT, JAMIE, etc.

While the program has been published on the Instagram account especially created for this show, a new guest has been added to the list.

The member KIM SUNG KYU, from the very famous group INFINITE, who’s about to release his 3rd solo album on December 14th, entitled “INSIDE ME“, will be the guest for the show on December 181th.


DAY6 Kiss the radio” is a show that can not be missed as it’s only available live. The videos are not available afterwards. The program of the show is available on Instagram.

DAY6 Kiss the radio program

Journalist : Natacha
Translation : Natacha
Source / Pics : DAY6 Kiss the radio



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