SPILL THE BEAT : The color ROSESIA in our hearts

With unparalleled softness, today it’s ROSESIA on SPILL THE BEAT.

(KSTATION TV recommends that you listen to the artist’s songs for a music reading experience !)

It’s an honor for KSTATIONTV to be able to collaborate with a new artist but who already has very original style. ROSESIA is also the first female artist featured on SPILL THE BEAT.

Her real name is KIM SIA, a young woman born in 2000 and who started music in July of this year 2020. We discover an exceptional talent and deep texts.

ROSESIA is one of those artists who have an indefinable style. She herself works her music to make it special. She describes herself as a “dark pop” artist. With the American singer BILLIE EILISH as a role-model, we can understand her influence and her musical references. A melancholy voice and texts that touch you in the heart, the voice of ROSESIA frees you from your torments and can even calm your most intense hatred.

Texts in perfect English and with the richest vocabulary, it is quite rare to see such a talented artist after only a few months after her debut on the internet.

“Before I only recorded cover songs, but I wanted to express my feelings and the dark sides of my mind into lyrics. And also I wanted people to listen to my stories. That’s why I started to write my own songs.” – ROSESIA

The artist is very productive. She uploads online a music every Saturday (except for the exception because she is still a student so it may be that the Saturday release does not appear this day).

A mini-album called “HAPPINESS?” was born on October 7th 2020 then on November 25th, his complete album “LONELINESS” was born with a nice list of 10 tracks.


“I wanna be a characteristic singer and make my own music, ROSESIA’s song.” – ROSESIA


The two albums do not necessarily have a link between them, but they both talk about the feelings felt by the young woman.

“It’s pretty common for my songs to be sentimental. For example “Last night” speaks of a girl who is lost and injured as a result of a one-night stand and “Girl A” is the story of a girl who made a serious mistake and left our world -it is moreover a story based on the movie “BOY A” (2007)- these two titles are in the album “LONELINESS“.” – ROSESIA

Her songs are 80% written in English because she grew up learning the language with which she feels more comfortable writing her texts.

After being hurt by many people around him, ROSESIA has settled into the loneliness that is now his source of inspiration.

“I feel comforted by writing a song and it also touches peoples heart who has a scars inside their mind.” – ROSESIA

Its stage name ROSESIA comes from the flower which can be of different colors and each has a different meaning in the language of flowers: one-way love, jealousy, love passion, eternal love… And aesthetics speak to him a lot.

The two music that are most dear to her heart are “Idiot” and “Mirage“:

“Song “Idiot” has a big meaning to me. I easily fall in love because I feel loneliness all the time, but it always ends bad. And I feel anxious bout being hated. So it shows my trauma in love relationship.

And “MIRAGE” is meaningful as well. Through this song I could express the confusion of my identity and self-confidence. And this song made me a little knowable on Soundcloud. And also, by making this song I could find my own style.” – ROSESIA

We really feel that this woman wants us to feel her emotions and her texts. She collaborates with productions to which she adds her texts. But her desire to perfect her music makes her want to start as a composer and producer too. She recently launched a new Soundcloud account for her personal productions.

“I wish many people hears my music and get consoled , so I wanna be a proud person to myself and also a proud daughter to my parents.” – ROSESIA

For 2021, the artist would like to continue his new musical production activity and produce an EP. The latter is in progress but no release date announced yet, so stay connected with ROSESIA on socials!


Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: Rosesia

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    What in the world i haven’t heard her song so far! It is just soo goood ☠️


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