SPILL THE BEAT: D.CLOW’s dream is in you hands !

D.CLOW, an artist from SPILL THE BEAT keeps going on RAPSTAR.

It’s a shy KANG Dong-Hwan who is comming in front of the mic of RAPSTAR. But as soon as the beat starts the young man is showing off his talent and becomes D.CLOW.

To keep on going towards his dream, D.CLOW has a special message to deliver to you:


“If you can leave a “like” on this YouTube video I would be very thankfull. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to click (on the “like” button)!” – D.CLOW


If you want to feel the vibe of D.CLOW, you can read his article on SPILL THE BEAT by KSTATIONTV:

SPILL THE BEAT : A message from D.CLOW to “people who have been hurt”

Listent to his stories on Soundcoud and his SNS:

SoundCloud – Melon Music – Instagram

Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: D.CLOW

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