TOO: A delayed album, a mismatch in the management of the group

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CJ ENM is said to have suddenly terminated its agreement with the TOO group’s agency, N.CH Entertainment.

TOO, a kpop group that debuted last year participating in Mnet’s “World Klass” program, and CJ ENM‘s affiliate Stone Music Entertainment have partnered with N.CH Entertainment to manage the group. According to different Korean media, the two companies launched a joint project in October 2018 and agreed to work together for seven years. With N.CH Entertainment who would be in charge of management and promotions, while CJ ENM will take care of album production and marketing aspects.

CJ ENM has been reported to have unilaterally terminated its contract with N.CH Entertainment due to internal restructuring. To do so CJENM has announced to N.CH Entertainment to withdraw from all matters related to TOO.

Putting an end to the production of TOO’s new and third mini-album.

A source from CJ ENM said:

The exclusive contract for TOO is with CJ ENM. We have all rights to TOO and have only entrusted N.CH Entertainment with certain tasks, such as management and public relations activities. We signed a management contract that only lasted until August, and the period ended. After three months of additional consultations, we have not reached an agreement. We had an additional month of negotiations, but it ended at the end of December. We couldn’t come to an agreement, so the contract was terminated. All the stages of the contract went smoothly.

In response to this, N.CH Entertainment said:

We worked with CJ ENM to create Mnet’s “World Klass” program and even debuted at TOO. When we started working together we had planned to work for the next seven years, so we are very shocked that they suddenly changed their mind.

The agency went on to say, “It’s upsetting, but we have affection for the members, so we offered to manage them for the next two years, even though we don’t receive any compensation. However, they have. rejected our offer. We couldn’t communicate at all.

They added:

This is a very important time for TOO. They have to release their next album and continue their activities, so it’s a shame that this problem is delaying them.”

TOO is a 10-member group that was formed by Mnet’s reality show “World Klass” in 2019. They debuted in February 2019 and were managed by both CJ ENM and N.CH Entertainment.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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