UKISS: A duo sub-unit

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Second-generation idol group UKISS, whose stage videos of “시끄러 !! (Shut up !!)” and “만만하니“, released in the past, have been reactivated online, will present its first sub-unit .

According to NHEMG on January 13th, UKISS lead vocals SOOHYUN and HOON will perform their first song “I wish” on January 27th.

This is the first unit of UKISS as a song that two members, SOOHYUN and HOON, have participated in writing the lyrics. The title will be released in Korean and Japanese versions. UKISS seems to be gaining attention again since last year with the title “Shut up !! (2010) which resurfaced during the SBS show “문명특급 – MMTG”.

Thanks to this, the individual activities of the members have increased considerably. SOOHYUN is currently appearing as a regular guest on MBC FM4U’s “Dream Radio of Jeon Hyo-sung“. In addition, he goes back and forth between radio and entertainment shows with his showy and conversational skills. He meets fans through his YouTube channel “Soo Hyun OPPA”. HOON has also appeared in the web drama “동아리 방 B102“.

On the unveiled photo, you discover the promotional calendar for the release of “I wish“, with the disclosure of various teasers in Japanese and Korean version, before the official release on January 24th for the Korean MV, and on February 24th for the Japanese version.

Journalist: Shawn
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Source: NH Media

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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