CIGNATURE: Not that easy to win

A battle of memory and song.

J9 Entertainment‘s group CIGNATURE appeared on TBS’s “Fact in Star” show. On the show the band members faced off against the girls from Blin Bling in a memory game and karaoke. In this it was necessary, at first, to recognize a title and its singer, but that is difficult when there is no melody. When this is done, a maximum of 3 members of the group must attempt to sing the title without making a mistake in the lyrics. Easier said than done.

The girls have they managed to recognize the titles of MAMAMOO, 2NE1 or even PSY, you will find out by watching the video.

Group CIGNATURE composed of the members CHAESOL, JEEWON, YE AH, SUNN, SELINE, BELLE, and SEMI, its last comeback with the title “Arisong” was released in September 2020.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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