Saturday, December 2, 2023

BTS: In the absence of this, V gets nervous

Do you know why V would be nervous if he didn’t have this item in his wallet?

Well the answer was revealed in 2017 during the “BTS HOME PARTY“. During a game in which the members separated into teams, two by two the boys had to answer questions. One answered directly and the other had to guess what the member was going to answer.

For Team V and RAP MONSTER at the time, the question V was asked was:

“V feels nervous when he doesn’t have this in his wallet. What is that ?”


Several of the members thought of money or a credit card quite quickly, so RAP MONSTER thought too. But it was not the right answer. In the end, only JIMIN, who was not involved in putting his finger on it.

Indeed, what makes V nervous is not having his student card. The young man explains that he can have a credit card redone if he loses it. On the other hand, his student card is unique, having finished his studies he can no longer have any, so it is an object that he cherishes very much.

The little phrase that will make all the members and the public laughter is that

“in addition on the photo I have a good look”.

A moment of humor, which made V a little uncomfortable, but the answer was honest.

The group BTS will soon release a “Winter package” with extracts and photos of its winter holidays.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS BTS



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