BTOB : Their opening stage at Kingdom

After surprising everyone announcing their participation at Kingdom, BTOB 4U just finished their opening stage to the show.

BTOB logo – Kingdom

After a rumor saig that BTOB would have refused to participate to Kingdom, CUBE ENTERTAINMENT surprised everyone when announcing that the 4 members would actually participate to the survival show.

When the fans were wondering how the group, well-known for ballads and having only 4 members currently available (IM HYUNSIK & YOOK SUNGJAE are in the middle of their military service) would deal with the other groups with much more people, the 4 members appeared in magnificient white costumes as they were making a new version of their famous song “Beautiful pain” with live vocals very amazing, as we could expect from this much talented group.

With a short performance, the group did surprise everyone with an opening stage without any kind of dance but with breath-taking live harmonies, a performance that made them stand out of the crowd.

Among the 4 members, LEE MINHYUK & SHIN PENIEL are more likely known as rappers but LEE MINHYUK never hid the fact that he’s a very good vocalist too, as he did prove it on that stage. When SHIN PENIEL did sing his own rap part of the song, the 3 other members, SEO EUNKWANG, LEE MINHYUK & LEE CHANGSUB were focusing on vocals and harmonies, giving us an amazing result. For the ending, LEE CHANGSUB, who seemed a bit stressful, gave the final tone for the last harmonies.

Melody, fans of the group, are currently having a hastag party on Twitter to show their support to the group.

After an extraordinary opening, what surprise should we expect from BTOB 4U ?

Journalist : Natacha
, as he did prove it on that stageTranslator : Natacha



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