HYUNA : She reacts to the accusations of violence at school and P.NATION official statment

After several idols were accused of being violent at school, it was the turn of the singer HYUNA of the P.NATION agency to be accused in turn.


On February 23rd, 2021, an internet user posted a message on a website claiming to have been bullied by the artist, having as only evidence a school photo.

Following this accusation, HYUNA posted a long message on her Instagram account, responding to the accusations of violence against her.

« It’s been over a decade, well, 14 years since I started. Whenever I received negative attention, I was sometimes angry because I am a person too. I tried to let it go because I chose to pursue my dream. Or I tried to understand because it is also a form of attention. Because it’s quite possible that they don’t like me. But I don’t want to let my fans, who have supported me on stage and on screen, get hurt for no reason. Now that I’m thirty, I’m going to open up for the first time.
I made my debut when I was 15 and am grateful to have received so much love and support from a young age. I want to continue to learn and share these warm hearts as I have done so far. Also, there’s more to the story, but I really missed a good part of my childhood because I started playing at 8 and training for my idol debut when I was 12 years old in 5th year. I had to take a bus to the label right after school and even thought my childhood memories were stolen back then.

The point is, I have never slapped or beaten anyone. I hope a lot of happy things happen to the person who wrote this post. »

Hours later, the P.NATION agency released a statement also denying the allegations.

« Hello, this is P.NATION.
We are writing to confirm that the online rumors involving HYUNA are not true.
HYUNA began her career in the entertainment industry at the age of 8, spending her childhood receiving many wanted and unwanted attention. There have been false allegations against her from her early days until now, but HYUNA believes it is her burden as a beloved artist.
However, we clearly state our position to avoid defaming and even personally hurting our artists.
We repeat that HYUNA has never inflicted violence on anyone else and that the recent allegations are false.
We will take all measures against the spread of false rumors and baseless allegations rigorously from now on.
Thank you to all the fans who have supported and loved HYUNA, and we will do our best to thank you for your support and trust.
Thank you. »

Following this wave of accusations, many agencies in the entertainment industry are taking legal actions to protect their artists.

Journalist : Emilie
Translator : Emilie

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