IDOLS: A parade of accusation

In recent days we have been witnessing a parade of numerous accusations of violence at school.

Many artists are accused of having been violent during their schooling. If previously artists like HYOLYN, PARK KYUNG (Block B) or even SEULGI by RED VELVET have been accused and / or admitted this violence.

We had attacks against MINGYU from SEVENTEEN, SOOJIN from (G) I-DLE, and recently AISHA from EVERGLOW, HYUNJIN from STRAY KIDS, SUNWOO from THE BOYZ, KIM SOHYE from I.O.I and CHOO from LOONA, as well as actors KIM DONG HEE, JO BYUNG GYU, PARK HYE SOO.

All his accusations happened online, the accusers reveal different attacks, humiliations they suffered during their schooling.

What is it really ?

Several agencies have already ruled that their artists are innocent and that they will sue for defamation and false accusations. But faced with this upsurge in accusations, justice will have to seize the various cases so that it does not degenerate into “idol hunts”.

(adolescente agressée et humiliée par ses camarades en 2017, CCTV Busan)

Remember that Korean schooling is a part of Korean life that doesn’t necessarily stay in their best memories, due to the pressure placed on the shoulders of young children and adolescents. Remember also that harassment is punishable by law. Whether these accusations are founded or not, justice will have to do its job.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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