SUNMI : A sensual comeback

SUNMI, solo singer of ABYSS COMPANY, makes her comeback solo with the track “Tail” on February 23rd.


Sensual and feminine, it is with a feverish comeback that SUMNI returns, sometimes recalling another of his solo tracks, “Full Moon“. It is during a showcase on YouTube that she presents “Tail“, starting by broadcasting the clip of this digital single, then the singer takes the stage for a feline performance. Then she joins the presenter to discuss this comeback. She begins by saying that she hasn’t seen time go by since her last track “Pporappippam“, and her collaboration with JYP, “When we disco“. At her last showcase, she had fun with the fact that journalists had noticed that with each comeback, the title of her songs gets longer. So she declares, with a smile, that this title is short, for once.

“I wrote this song thinking about the words a cat might say, and incorporating sounds and gestures similar to it.” – SUNMI 

SUNMI feels proud of this comeback, which has the atmosphere she was looking to achieve. She then describes the two tracks featured in her new single: “Tail“: a song about the love of an active, instinctive and confident woman through the characteristics of a delicate and agile cat. “What a flower“: a song that captures the artist’s honest feelings, in the jazzy genre. After this presentation, SUNMI performs its second title this time. Just before that, she gives an anecdote when one of her fake nails peels off and falls to the ground. She chose to wear very long, pointed nails to recall a cat’s claws, but sometimes she hurt herself and bleeds in the face while dancing with it. The presenter also points out that flowers keep are always around her, regardless of the comeback, and the performance of “What a flower” underlines this fact. However, she says she doesn’t like flowers that much in reality.

She chose the title “Tail” for her main song, because she considers that the tail is the most important part of the body in a feline, because it shows if it is annoyed, frightened, serene, etc. That’s why she sought to reproduce these movements in her choreography. To make her performance as realistic as possible, she questioned and documented a lot about felines, and was finally relieved to find that the dance reflected what she sought to convey, while remaining sensual and feminine. SUNMI points out, however, that she has faced some difficulties during the preparation of this comeback, and that she has sometimes wished to give up, lacking confidence. So, she thought she had to believe in herself, in order to be able to come back strong on this day.

“I think the song “What a flower” would be perfect at a festival, since its melody is simple to follow.” – SUNMI

She then shows the final pose she performs in “Tail“, considering this movement to be the most important in the choreography, as well as the sounds of cats at the beginning of the song, made with the help of a guitar. She then explained that she was partly inspired by the song “The house of the rising sun” by the band THE ANIMALS for the rhythm. While her style is defined as “Sumni Pop” by her fans, she hopes one day to try a more common style of song, not falling into this category. She ends up declaring that this digital single secretly represents the emotions she feels when she is in her thirties. She promises to keep working hard by her next comeback, and hopes people will love these two new songs.


In the meantime, it will be possible to attend an online showcase tonight, as well as his first official performance at Thursday’s M!Countdow. She wishes everyone to be healthy, to eat well, and invites anyone interested to listen to “Tail” and “What a flower”.

The words of our reporter:Without failing her reputation, SUNMI proposes a new title that will delight many of its fans. With her neat choreography, the young woman is the most feline for her audience, and she will catch it between her claws.”

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photos: Abyss Company
Sources: KSTATION TV, Abyss Company

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