Friday, September 29, 2023
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ONF : A futuristic comeback

ONF, from WM ENTERTAINMENT, is making its comeback today with the album ONF: MY NAME.


Composed of members E-TION, HYOJIN, J-US, MK, U and WYATT, it is during an online press showcase that the group unveils its new album, carried by the song “Beautiful beautiful“. Six months after their last comeback, the members are back in full force to offer new performances to their fans, this album being composed of eleven tracks. First of all, the group takes to the stage to present their new song, “Beautiful Beautiful“, followed by a broadcast of the associated music video. We discover a futuristic world, inhabited by many technologies and robots, joining the group to dance with them. Afterwards, each member introduces themselves and begins by saying that they have prepared a lot for this comeback.

“Our album is called ‘My name’ because it represents our identity.” – MK

Then it’s time to discuss the album, and the titles it contains. ONF: MY NAME addresses the dynamic youth of members who live in a parallel universe, controlled by robots who ultimately have the members controlling them. As the music video for “Beautiful Beautiful” used a lot of special effects, it was a new challenge for the members, who had to mentally represent the robots surrounding them. They then address the message behind the title opening the album, declaring that they hope that anyone who listens to this song will feel pretty, like the title, and free to do what they want. In addition, part of the song is in a ccapella, bringing to life the message conveyed by the members. Regarding the other songs on the album:

2) “My name is” :A title written by all members, it symbolizes a video game depicting the lives of the boys, like an autobiography.
3) “Thermometer” : Balade from vocal sub-unit, it compares the singers’ hearts to thermometers whose temperature varies according to the emotions felt.
4) “Secret Triangle” :EDM song of the rap sub-unit, it is characterized by unexpected rhythmic variations.
5) “The realist” :Title addressing a dark reality, whose improvement is only possible in dreams.
6) “On-you” :A song of hope, it words give us the message that we must meet outside, not online, indirectly addressing the health situation related to Covid19.

7) “Trip advisor” : A title with a festive atmosphere, it reflects being able to travel around the world, while staying at home, thanks to technologies such as Street View.
8) “Feedback” :A song about the feeling you have when you are waiting for a response from the person you confessed to.
9) “I.T.I.L.U” : Meaning “I think I love you“, this piano song allows to highlight the melodious voices of the members.
10) “Beautiful Beautiful” :English version of the album’s title track.
11) “Lights on” :This track is dedicated to fans, which was rearranged after being presented at the showcase of the band’s debut.

“We wanted to adopt a futuristic concept and cyberpunk for this comeback, and we watched a lot of movies to get inspired by it.” – WYATT

A second song is then presented: “The realist“. The peculiarity of the choreography is that it is done with chairs, to bring a touch of sensuality, while the rhythm also gives an impression of futurism, before the style suddenly changes during the last seconds. This performance allows ONF to close this showcase in style, with members hoping that many people will listen to their new album, and that the global situation related to the Covid will improve. In addition, they want to have the opportunity to see their fans again, and that their messages will be heard.

ONF – The realist – Performance

The words of our reporter: “The more I discover ONF through the showcases, the more I become a fan of them. Another successful and bubbly comeback, which corresponds well to the personality of the members, I validate!”

Journalist : Pillet Anaïs
Photos : WM Entertainment
Sources : KSTATION TV, WM Entertainment

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