KANG DANIEL: Behind the scenes of “Paranoia”

Curious to know how KANG DANIEL‘s last single “Paranoia” was made? KONNECT Entertainment has just released the making film of the artist’s new MV.

Watch how the MV of “Paranoia” was made from behind the cameras.

This 10 minute long video teaches us how a music video is shot, fragment by fragment, how the sets are before adding camera movements or special effects.

It also often shows interactions between KANG DANIEL and the dancers, and the staff in general. It is with a smile that the artist works hard to create content that is always of better quality.

It took three days of shooting indoors, outdoors, and even underwater for the MV of “paranoia” to take shape. To all the staff, the dancers and KANG DANIEL, thank you for spending so much energy and creativity for each new musical release.

Journalist: Louise
Translator: Louise
Source: Official Youtube KONNECT Entertainment

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