CRAVITY: Even more bad boys for “Bad clothes”

Group CRAVITY released the second concept photos for the follow-up song “Bad habits“.

On March 6th, Starship Entertainment released the second set of individual photos for the third mini album “CRAVITY SEASON 3 HIDEOUT: BEOUR VOICE” and the follow-up song “Bad habits” on its official SNS.

These photos, which emphasizes individual cuts, show a more mature feel of CRAVITY in black and white photos.

From deep gazes, staring at the camera, to dark eyes thrown into the air, CRAVITY interpreted each “black charisma” in a unique way and did a great job in the emotional transmissions.

In particular, it is a unified concept with “dark charisma”, wishing to bring out the “bad boy” side with a completely different atmosphere for each member, raising expectations for the next stage “Bad habits“.

Bad habits” is a follow-up song to the title track “My turn”, which recently ended its promotional activities, and WJSN’s Exy helped write the lyrics, creating a new sensation. If the group showed its energetic and groovy charm with “My turn“, they will reveal its versatile musical abilities through the impressive scene of “Bad habits”, its unique narrative and melodic line.

On the other hand, CRAVITY has won rookie awards at various award ceremonies since its official debut in April of last year, gaining attention as the next generation global rookies. He will make a comeback with his follow-up song “Bad habits” on the 11th and meet its fans.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Starship Entertainment

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