HWANG CHI YEUL: A comeback after 2 years

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Singer HWANG CHI YEUL has confirmed his return for April.


TEN2 ENTERTAINMENT said on March 17th: “Singer HWANG CHI YEUL will release his third mini album on the 2nd of next month and will make a comeback. HWANG CHI YEOL will be back with a high quality album in which he played. put all his heart and soul.

As a result, HWANG CHI YEUL will make a surprise comeback two years and three months after his album “THE FOUR SEASONS” in January 2019.

HWANG CHI YEOL released his debut mini album “BE ORDINARY” in 2017 and swept to the top of the music, broadcasting charts with his title track “A daily song“, becoming one of the main vocalists of the music industry.

Since then, every song released, like “Rewind“, “The only star“, “Learn to love” and “A walk to goodbye“, has stood out in the music charts, proving that he is a ballad singer. talented people that we listen to.

In addition, he has appeared on several popular drama soundtracks including “How can I forget you” by Mr. Sunshine, The King: Eternal monarch “Quiet night” and Moonlight drawn by clouds “Because I miss you“, adding more immersion in the drama and giving a deep impression.

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Source: TEN2 Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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