MIRAE : A remarkable comeback

DSP MEDIA‘s boysband MIRAE makes its debut on Wednesday, March 17.


Composed of members JUNHYUK, LIEN, DOUHYUN, KHAEL, DONGPYO, SIYOUNG and YUBIN, it is during a showcase broadcast live on YouTube that the boysband makes its debut. Starting with the performance of the title “We are future“, full of electro sounds, and a dynamic choreography. This first song, written by KHAEL and KARD‘s BM, exposes the members’ confidence in their future, promising the public that they will build it. At the end of their performance, the boys show up, along with their very first album, containing six tracks. First of all, they express their joy at finally debuting, even if their stress is obviously present. We come to meet JUNHYUK first, leader of the group who describes himself as a “wolf”. Born on May 16, 2000, he is also the main dancer and rapper, and his hobbies are video games, window shopping and basketball.

We then go to meet LIEN. Born on March 11, 1998, he is the oldest of the group, and holds the position of lead singer and producer. His hobbies are watching performance videos, movies and dramas. We move on to DOUHYUN, who was born on December 25, 2000. He is a singer within the group, and enjoys shopping and watching singing videos. KHAEL was born on January 18, 2002 and is a rapper and producer. His interests are in music, fashion and drawing.

“My stage name is inspired by the archangel Michael” – KHAEL

Then comes DONGPYO, born September 9, 2002. He is both a dancer and a singer within the group, and his hobbies are walking and watching dramas and movies. SIYOUNG then introduces himself. He is born on May 6, 2003, he is a dancer and singer, and his hobbies are similar to the other members since he enjoys watching, alone, dramas and movies, he also likes making toys. Finally, we discover the youngest of the group, YUBIN. Born on June 10, 2004, he is a singer and rapper for MIRAE, and his interests are watching videos and movies, as well as listening to pop songs.

Regarding their first album, the title track is “Killa“, which sheds light on the spirit and passion of the boys who are moving towards their future. It is followed by “Higher” which aims at being more sensual to portray the emotions and feelings of the members. In addition, this title is known to the public since it was released before the group’s debut. Track four is called “Swagger” and calls on people not to judge themselves at first sight. Again, it was produced by KHAEL and KARD‘s BM. The penultimate is “Sweet Dreams”, which talks about the SNS, written by KHAEL and LIEN. Finally, the last song is called “1 thing“, which reflects the excitement felt when you are in a cute and bright world.

Once the presentation of each song is complete, the music video for “Killa” is broadcast. We discover a futuristic world with robots and flying cars. Sounding just as electro as their “We are future“, the title is catchy is energetic. After that, the group performs the song for the first time on stage. The members then answer questions from the journalists who are attending the showcase. They start by expressing surprise at the announcement of their stage name. DONGPYO even admitting that he even had the feeling that the chosen title came from an animated film. LIEN rebounds from his remarks by confiding that the name of the group could have been DNA rather than MIRAE, which means future. The boys hope to mark the audience, not only with their name, but also with their songs and performances.

“Whether in the present, or in the future, we always love and will love our fans” – YUBIN

When asked who their model is, DONGPYO replies that his own group is what inspires him to always surpass himself. DOUHYUN selects BTS for the impact they have on the international scene, something he hopes to achieve with MIRAE. The dream of the members is to always be able to produce new songs, and to be a group that brings joy and strength to people. JUNHYUK looks back on his experience in the Produce X101 and Under19 programs, which have allowed him to continue to persevere alongside KHAEL and SIYOUNG to finally get to debut. The leader then shows a few dance steps of the choreography of “Killa“, which he performs gradually so that the fans can also dance to it.

To close their very first showcase, the members thank their parents, friends, journalists and all those who will pay attention to their early days, and hope that they will receive positive feedbacks for this first album. The end word of the boys is as follows:

“We want to deliver our energy to anyone who listens to our songs!”.

Our reporter’s words: “Despite the stress, the group was very good at holding this very first showcase, and they seemed quite friendly, and ready to show what they are capable of to the rest of the world. Good luck to them!”

Journalist: PILLET Anaïs
R/C : Lyva
Photos: DSP Media
Sources: KSTATION TV, DSP Media

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