DAY6 : JAE is preparing new confessions

When DAY6 is having a break for nearly a year, JAE is preparing new confessions throught a series of video.

DAY6, from JYP ENTERTAINEMENT, was announcing in May 2020, few days after the release of their album “THE BOOK OF US : THE DEMON“, a temporary break for its activities. Shocking news for the fans who have been waiting for this comeback for a while.

When WONPIL, DOWOON & YOUNG K kept composing throught the first sub-unit of the group, called EVEN OF DAY, JAE had started some confessions through songs released on digital platforms and also through an interview in which one he completely confessed about his mental health.

Showing again a big courage, JAE has decided to confess about his past, his experience as an idol, denouncing the difficulties he met all along the way.

With the help of DIVE STUDIOS, he decided to create series of video called MINDSET X JAE, where it looks like he will denounce and talk about all the important moments of his career, past and the people he met, for private or professional goals. With those videos, he decided to completely open up his heart so his fans can get to know him  and understand him better in the future, probably hoping for them to be closer. Also, those videos are a reminder that IDOLS are humain.

Throught this introduction video, JAE is already showing a lot of courage. It looks like his will to move on is strong, as much as his will to change things.

Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha



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