SPILL THE BEAT: You can bet on DOMA

“Rough and tight. Music without compromise. Rap that bursts into pent-up emotions.” – DOMA 

DOMA finds perfect words to describe his music. Let’s find out more about his story, ambitions and his identity on SPILL THE BEAT.

(KSTATION TV advises you to play artist’s songs for a better reading experience !)

~ A vocation since highschool:

In middle school Seungyul Rhee move from South Korea to the States. During his journey abroad that will last for some years, the young boy’s music taste gets influenced by artists such like OUTSIDER, BIGBANG or even EMINEM.

“I wanted to cover their rap perfectly in karaoke. At that time, I loved to sing along to the rap, so I printed the lyrics on paper and memorized them.” – DOMA

And the beauty, message and value of rap reached to Seungyul who decided to tells his own stories. When the middle school ends, he starts writing.

Then high school begins and with his friends they team up as a rap crew. A project that was supposed to be “just for fun” but it will takes bigger proportion than expected. From that time, the young boy builds his identity as DOMA (“cutting board” in Korean) because his wanted to show off his competitive side in an original way. When few years later he decided to pursue hiphop as a career, everyone around him already got used to DOMA‘s alias. Like a relic, a souvenir from his debuts, Seungyul Rhee stay as DOMA since 2014.

So in 2012/2013 DOMA develop his interest for music making in a in a rather carefree manner. A pulse that will ends after just a year. But then this “pulse” will be back in a totally different strength, in 2017, he make his decision: rap isn’t just a hobby anymore.

“I always pursue tight rap and tight style, so the overall atmosphere is similar to the past and present. Instead, the vibes and lyrics of the sound I make have become more meaningful, and my skill in drawing flow has improved a lot.” – DOMA

When DOMA thinks about who he would like to collaborate with, his mind reaches to BEENZINO and JUSTHIS for the following reason: if they team together, the title might be a tight and unexpected song.

“When you say “the best rapper in Korea,” you become a rapper that anyone can think of.” – DOMA

Quality over quantity. Even tho he did not made any album or EP yet, DOMA have released a mixtape “정원” made of 4 track sin 2018 and pretty good amount of singles. You can add to these his collaboration work, with MELON LE CARTEL and 5 music videos, and among them 2 visualizers !

His songs are full of energy. For the little anecdote, KSTATION TV started to think about creating SPILL THE BEAT a show that offers more visibility to hard working independents artists after listening to DOMA‘s title “HIJACK” on Soundcloud.

~ In the same energy “RIDE” is about to be released:

A title that compares gambling and hiphop with as a guide line “all or nothing” DOMA‘s new single will be out by the end of March and its title is “RIDE“. Starting music, in full-time, as an indie is a risk. Lot od people aren’t dare to bet on themselves, but DOMA did it.

“I risked everything I had to get everything in this game. In order to compete with me, it also means that the other person must fight to death, so only those who are prepared to fight.” – DOMA

About “RIDE“‘s style, the rapper adds:

It’s a very exciting hard trap. Please look forward to it.” – DOMA

The song will be out in March ! “RIDE” is a title that DOMA created from his souvenirs while doing bets with his friends in America. The excitement of gambling have been his main source of inspiration for this track. About the visual, DOMA announces:

“It’s the biggest and most spectacular music video I’ve ever filmed. It cost a lot of money. I wanted to remember the thrill that I felt in the U.S. so I invited my best friends when I lived in the U.S. We rented a bar that can create a decadent atmosphere, noir, for the place where we can play the game.” – DOMA

DOMA returns on on of his previous title, the one that he cherish the most “기도 (DOUBT)“.

At first this title wasn’t easy to make since it is about painful feelings that got stuck into him for a while. This heavy feeling, DOMA just wanted to let it out. In the end,  “기도 (DOUBT)” a title which wasn’t supposed to be a “good vibe” song, had a particular consequence on the artist:

“While making this song, I was able to completely take out the burden. When I wrote this song, I realized that the only way to overcome the pain is to face it properly. I wanted to share this feeling with people who listen to my music, so I tried to put as much meaning into the music video as possible. I love this song because it’s the most sincere song.” – DOMA

Even if his titles are pretty various, DOMA admits that the main message behind his work is like “My rap is amazing. I’m constantly developing.“.

“I know that the determination and ambition that I have built while walking this path cannot be compared to others, and that I will surely remain at the end of this path, so I have released songs that fit my aspirations.” – DOMA

There are many things that DOMA wants to make or remake. Like the beat of his track “PERFECT” a song that fans enjoyed a lot for its pretty refreshing hook.

~ The runner is now a marathoner:

“First of all, I’m going to release music videos regularly.” – DOMA

The rapper is well surrounded. Artists friends, a nice ability to think about different concepts, setups and rather interesting ideas for his future visuals. Compared to his previous ones, DOMA would like to develop his next tracks with more artistic and detailed music videos, backgrounds and props.

On a musical point of view, the artist is studying very well:

“I am keenly feeling that I need more sound knowledge, so studying sound theory is another goal of mine.” – DOMA

DOMA would love to be on DINGO KILLING VERSE, where artists such as PH-1, JAY PARKCL, ASH ISLAND and more appeared. Le rapper admits that he still have a lot of tracks to release but he also wants to show us musics that are the most precious to him and can’t keep silent.

“I started studying composition, and I want to do everything from beatmaking to mixing to mastering. Another plan is to complete the single release by the end of the year alone.” – DOMA

The artist ends the interview:

“I want to express my gratitude and love to those who like my music beyond words. I’m not good at expressing things other than music.I will repay you with great music that will give you back tens of millions of times the love you have for me.” – DOMA

And a promise:

“One thing I can promise for sure is that I will be a rapper in Korea. Trust me and wait for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – DOMA

You can, from now on, follow and support DOMA in his journey through the Korean hiphop scene:

SoundcloudInstagram – MelonApple Music – GenieBugsYoutube

Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: DOMA

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