NTX: Official debut this month

Ten-member boy group NTX is gearing up for their official debut.

NTX‘s “FULL OF LOVESCAPES” pre-booking sales began at noon on March 22nd on online sites from major music providers such as Shinara Records, Kyobo Hottracks, Yes24 and Aladdin.

Like the album’s title, “FULL OF LOVESCAPES” means it’s full of loving visualization, containing all of the fresh and warm ways of expressing NTX‘s love.

In particular, NTX also opened a “video call” event page with Music Korea to celebrate the release of “FULL OF LOVESCAPES” at 6 pm on March 22nd, awaiting fan participation.

NTX, which revealed its fan club name “NTFUL” which fans took part in, consists of Hyung-jin, HYEONGJIN, YUNHYEOK, JAEMIN, CHANGHUN, HOJUN, EUNHO, JISEONG, SEONGWON, GIHYUN and RAWHYUN.

NTX, which will captivate fans around the world with its 10-color charm, is speeding up preparations for its official debut and releasing various content sequentially.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Victory Company

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