KIM SEJONG: Rest to the sound of her voice

KIM SEJONG, a former member of the girlsband I.O.I, is releasing her second mini album, entitled “I’M“.


From the agency JELLYFISH ENTERTAINMENT, the young woman presents her new album via a showcase press live on YouTube. Without wasting a minute, the first notes of the song “Teddy bear” resonate, and we discover the singer in a childlike setting, surrounded by plush and stars. A soft and relaxing song, it highlights the melodious voice of SEJONG, and illustrates the concept of the album, which is intended to be quiet and relaxing. To do this, she participated in the writing and production of each of the titles present in “I’M“. Specifically, this album is a retrospective of her career since childhood. When this first performance ends, the music video for “Warning”, the title track, is broadcast, and is immediately followed by the performance of the latter, accompanied by the rapper IIIBOY. Again, it’s a refreshing and luminous song that SEJONG sings.

“This album is about my adventure, my evolution as a child to the woman I am today.” – SEJONG 

The singer then took the time to present this album, and began by expressing her excitement for the release of this album, and thanked IIIBOY for being present for this showcase. After more than seven months since the release of her first album, she was very impatient, and says she did a lot of sports in order to lose weight for this comeback. During her absence, she was able to develop her acting skills, and look after her health, while resting. During the preparation of “I’M“, she was able to think about how to make her musical imprint shine in each track, and returns in particular to “Teddy bear“, to the special meaning for her. Indeed, the very first gift she received from her father was a teddy bear. Thinking of this stuffed animal and her father, she wrote this song in ten minutes, as the lyrics came naturally to her. That’s why this is the first song on the album.

Regarding the title song “Warning”, she invites anyone listening to her to take time for oneself, saying that it is normal and acceptable to rest if you feel the need. She didn’t want to make her comeback with a sophisticated title, but simple to humbly convey her emotions and her message. The associated clip features various facets of the singer, to express her personality. The next title is “Do dum chit“, a more dynamic title than the previous two, conducive to dancing on a full moon night during a walk. Then, the “집에 가자” track, directly inspired by the global health crisis, describes the small pleasures of daily life that are precious to oneself. The last song, “아마 난 그대를“, is addressed to her fans and how she feels when she receives their love. She describes that everyone is afraid of being loved and losing this love, and that she is not yet ready to be hurt by this loss, hoping that her fans will continue to love and support her in the future.

 “I want people to think of me as someone who works tirelessly, and I hope one day to become an example to someone.” – SEJONG 

SEJONG returns to the music video for her title song, and draws attention to all facets of her personality that she embodies, focusing on each hairstyle and each makeup, different according to her characters, while seeking to remain simple in their representation. The most important thing for her was to remain authentic, and simple, for this new album, which talks about rest. However, this rest takes place under the sign of serenity and fun, so that it happens in the best way possible. During the preparation of her comeback, the young woman did not go out of work since she made OST, in addition to writing all the titles of this new album. Although she was very busy, she says it allowed her to relieve her stress, and to rest, too, despite that, because it was rewarding work.


She concludes this showcase, and thanks all the journalists present, as well as anyone who will listen to “I’M”. Please discover her new title, “Warning“, below:

The words of our reporter: “It is with freshness and sincerity that the young singer presents us with her new album that will put balm in the hearts of her fans.”

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photos: Jellyfish Entertainment
Sources: KSTATION TV, Jellyfish Entertainment

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