Monday, December 4, 2023
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GREATGUYS: Retro-concept photo teasers

The group GREATGUYS recently announced its next comeback “Touch by touch” which will be released on April 18th. While waiting for the release of the clip and the album, and despite the absence of two members, the boys regale us with photos that give us an idea of the concept of comeback.

In the second photo, the boys pose for individual photos, still smiling, some accompanied by sweets, such as lollipops or barley sugars, again sweets that have existed for a long time, accentuating the retro-vintage side.

In the first photo, HORYEONG, HANEUL, DAUN, DONGIN, UIYEON, HWALCHAN and BAEKGYEOL members appear smiling, all in retro-styled outfits with straps, berets and old caps. The decor is also very retro with the presence of a stand of sweets typical of the old days. The atmosphere seems both festive and sweet.

Despite the absence of the leader JAEI, for health concerns and DONGHWI, who is doing his military service, the other seven members of the group of DNA Entertainment proudly display their smiles and return the Grace (name of the fans of GREATGUYS), which appear more and more as the days go by, making them impatient and happy. If you don’t know them yet, I invite you to go see their latest comeback “Run” as well as their social networks on which they are very active and close to the fans.

GREATGUYS will be back on April 18th with the title “Touch by touch

                                                                                                                                       Journalist: Nana
Translator: Nana
Source: SNS GreatGuys

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