KANG DANIEL: New comeback is out

KANG DANIEL is back with his mini-album “YELLOW” and a new title song : “Antidote“.

KANG DANIEL‘s agency, KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT, just posted the comeback on social media and Youtube.

With a MV is in saheds of blue and yellow while the song is showing of KANG DANIEL‘s voice, especially during the chorus.

This new song is part of a mini-album composed of 5 songs, including his previous single “Paranoia” :

01. Digital
03. Misunderstood (feat. Omega Sapien)
04. Antidote
05. Save U (feat. wonstein)

You can support KANG DANIEL and his new song “Antidote” on social media with the hashtags : #ANTIDOTE et #KANGDANIEL

Journalist: Louise
Translator: Chloé
Source: KANG DANIEL Official SNS

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