NU’EST: A captivating teaser

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The group NU’EST (JR, ARON, BAEKHO, MINHYUN, REN) left a strong impact following the release of the teaser for “Inside Out”, title song of their new album “ROMANTICIZE”.

The teaser was released on April 15 and immediately gained attention due to the captivating visuals featured in the video. We can see each member of the group, in quick scenes, each representing a different emotion,  from joy to sadness.

The title song “Inside Out” is a song based on the ‘chill house’ genre. BAEKHO and JR both helped to write the lyrics. BAEKHO also took part in the song’s composition.

NU’EST seems once again to have managed to transform and challenge itself by offering its own unique colors and musical charms through this teaser. Therefore, many people pay special attention to this album which should show a new side of the band.

NU’EST will release their second full album “ROMANTICIZE” on April 19th at 6pm.

Journalist : Arie
Translator : Arie
Source : Pledis Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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