TREASURE : The leader of the group celebrates his birthday

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The leader of TREASURE celebrates his birthday today.


HYUNSUK is the main rapper within TREASURE, he is also a composer and has written, composed various music for the group. His dream has always been to debut under YG Entertainment because he thinks it’s a place where he can make his dreams come true. He has several artists from YG Entertainment as inspirations including Bobby, GD, and Mino. HYUNSUK started rapping while watching Big Bang and quickly became fascinated by rap.

HYUNSUK trained for 5 years at YG Entertainment and he was often the favorite of the CEO and the different juries because according to them he has the perfect style for the agency.

.HYUNSUK is self-conscious about his height, he had been told he would grow up to 187 cm but to no avail. However he remains very confident in the field of fashion, he was even voted as the most fashionable among the trainees of Treasure Box. He describes himself as “Big Appetit” and “Fashionista”

It has a 7Chill mark which has several meanings behind it. 7 in Korean is pronounced “chil”, and his birthday is April 21 (4/21) 2 + 1 + 4 = 7, plus “7” was the first number he got when he played football and also he was the 7th member revealed


Finally, HYUNSUK is a big football fan, besides his favorite football team is Real Madrid and he collects football shirts not to mention that now the fans only give him that.

Happy birthday to mini GD!

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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