3YE: Always perfect performance

The girls group 3YE showed its charismatic performance with “Stalker“.

3YE appeared on MBC M and MBC Everyone in “Show Champion”, which aired this afternoon of May 12th, and performed the performance of its new song “Stalker“. 3YE hypnotized fans around the world with their rich looks and facial expressions from the start.

3YE then showed off their “Performance-dol” look with their high-quality performance highlighting every detail, like a one-off choreography where they cover their eyes with their hands.

In particular, 3YE caught the eye with its charismatic costume outfit. 3YE, who appeared in a dark navy colored suit with a sky blue shirt, showed off a perfect outfit with a deadly look.

3YE‘s new song, “Stalker“, is an electronic pop genre that combines a dreamlike atmosphere with intense rhythms, and is a song that stands out for honesty and self-confidence in the face of desire.

3YE began in earnest in May 2019 with their first digital single, “Do Ma Thang“.

Since then, 3YE, who solidified their unique band color through “Out of my mind” and “Queen”, reached out to fans with their debut mini album “TRIANGLE” in June of last year. 3YE, who showed a charismatic performance with the title track “Yessir“, showed their unexpected charm with their track “On air“, revealing the feminine side of a versatile group.

3YE recently released their new song “Stalker” and is in full promotion.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: GH Entertainment

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