A mix of his surname “Mechi” and the english “Chilling” today we’ll learn more about MECHILLING and his songs in details !

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~ A perfect match:

In April 2019, Sang-Young Chang unveiled his first single under the name MECHILLING. That same year, a total of 5 singles were published on music streaming sites. “GENESIS” COUPE”, “SOKOMODE”, “MUGIRYUK”, “DELUSIONAL” and “ILLBOMB” mark the beginning of the musical adventure of the passionate hiphop artist since high school.

Evolving constantly, MECHILLING is not that kind of person to settle where it is comfortable. He says he studies and thinks deeply about the evolution of the hiphop over time.

“[…] my style must have changed throughout time. I never want to settle for the same kind of music, but it always has to be based on hiphop.” – MECHILLING

He says his doubts are the source of his changes. A desire to stay at a good level and to make music that does not age over time. Critical of his own work, the artist always wants to be in perpetual evolution, musically but also humanly.

MECHILLING grew up in North Carolina in the USA, and its interest in music grew with the years. Until he met a friend, CP, who helped him to make his first single “DELUSIONAL”. On this occasion, he starts thinking about making it his profession.

His role model is ALLEN IVERSON, a NBA player.

“He was the coolest dude ever, having so much impact on not only NBA but also rap game, it is fair to say he was the leader of both worlds, he is the man(…)” – MECHILLING

His musical inspirations turn to artists like JAY Z, LIL WAYNE and DRAKE.

If we recognize a high quality on the part of MECHILLING, it is its ability to adapt that catches our interest the most. Using his American and Korean ressources, whether solo or during featuring, he is able to find himself in very gangster songs but also in more chill melodies. He admits to being very interested in collaborations, but the latter do not stop at the world of music, but also at other arts. He says he also wants to collaborate with designers, painters, architects… Anyone who has their own artistic personality.

~ MECHILLING not so chill :

“To live and die as a good guy, hopefully rich too.” – MECHILLING

2 albums and 12 official singles, count in addition the releases of his unofficial titles on Soundcloud and his numerous collaborations right to left and you will understand that the strength of MECHILLING is its productivity. So it’s quite contrary to his nickname “chill”. In reality, the “chill” refers to his desire to create songs that are chill for the public.

“Chill, I hope my music makes everyone who listens to my songs chill with it, not necessarily fun but I hope they have a good time with it playing in the background or something.” – MECHILLING

Making good use of his music, such an artist like him who opens up and talks about subjects that inspire him such as everyday life, love, basketball, dreams and ambitions, the way MECHILLING expresses himself allows us to empathize to some of his words.

Recently, and KSTATION TV has already written on the subject, MECHILLING has released a big project, an album “DRAFT DAY” in duo with LOZIK.

It is in a club in Apgujeong (Seoul) that the two artists meet. MECHILLING makes the first step, the contact is made and meetings multiply. Each one devoting a deep respect to each other’s works, they begin to think together about a collaborative project, but also with other producers.

“regarding this project “DRAFT DAY”, One day, we just clicked when we talked (with LOZIK) about how deep we were into nba and started making some songs by putting nba references such as names or slang terms etc into lyrics, we didn’t think it would turn into an actual album, but by the time when we had done about 3~4 songs that set the tone, we discussed and decided to put them out as an EP album with a couple of more additional tracks” – MECHILLING

The visual of the project is placed in the hands of the director AMEN2YEMEN.SOKO. The duo expressed that they did not put pressure on each other and they enjoyed working on the project naturally. The project was also a way to strengthen their friendship.

MECHILLING talks in more detail about his album “DRAFT DAY” which is about basketball.

As said earlier, MECHILLING lived in the United States. There, his hobby with his friends was basketball. He says that in his hometown of Chapel Hill, the entertainment was rather poor and there were not a thousand ways to keep busy. Basketball was the best way for young and more advanced generations to connect and come together.

Even if he has no favorite team, the hiphop artist finds himself in the Charlotte Hornet team, or the Lakers, a team he often supports when he returns to the USA with his brother-in-law.

“I mainly talk about coping with stress from having a dilemma between dream and reality, dealing with the guilt that comes from disappointing parents, resilience trying to keep finding some positivity through frustration, depression while I am dream chasing with friends.” – MECHILLING

And by “friends” he refers to the: SOKOGANG.

~ SOKOGANG and future plans :

SOKO, shorten name for SOuth KOrea, is a group of friends who’s supporting each others’ projects. The SOKOGANG is made of  MECHILLING and YEECK YA BOI as rappeurs, then AMEN2YEMEN as an art director and XIU who makes illustrations covers.

We could recently see the hiphop artist aside JAMES AN, LOZIK, YEECK YA BOI… During his collaborations, it is the pre-production that interests him most. Think, or discover the idea of the artists with whom he will work.

“I would like to mention JAMES AN and GONHILLS, i always get inspired by their idea and amazed at their works, so i am very blessed to work with everyone” – MECHILLING

Before speaking about his future projects, MECHILLING says:


Many collaborative projects have been made. MECHILLING plans now an EP “KEEP DREAMIN OR COMPROMISE VOLUME 2“. He says he already has several tracks are almost finished. He would like to continue on this project until this summer in order to release this EP shortly before the beginning of fall 2021.

Very soon, YEECK YA BOI will join MECHILLING for a double single “VOYAGER” and “ASIANA FIRST CLASS” the second tracks composed by J NILLY, a member of SOKOGANG also. The songs will be released in early June.

“I will stick to the similar routine but make better songs and videos, always do my best to show more improvements with my craft to let people see the growth of myself as an artist and enjoy the journey with me.” – MECHILLING

And last but not least, some merch from “DRAFT DAY” will arrive very soon. The designs were made by REVEALEYES.

So be ready and look forward MECHILLING‘s future activities !

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Journaliste : Waterice
Source : Mechilling

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