Since the beginning of May KSTATION TV has decided to make you relive the debuts of your favorite artists. So it’s every day at 8 pm on our Facebook page that you discover the title of the debut of your favorite groups and artists.

Every Sunday at 8 pm we will give you a summary of all the debuts that we have presented to you. Did you know them all?

To start this week we published the debut of a recent coed group called CHECKMATE.

Mixed groups are not numerous in the world of kpop because Korean customs, even if they change, are not moving towards diversity. However the group which begins with the title “Drum” makes very good impression near the public. The sounds of the titles are very current and the voices of the members blend perfectly well.

We then moved on to a boy group that belongs to the Star Empire Entertainment agency, this is the group IMFACT, made up of members JIAN, TAEHO, JEUP, LEE SANG and UNGJAE.

The group which debuts in 2016, arrives with a lot of freshness and energy, we are at that time in January and in Korea it is really cold. This is why the group brings us a lot of dynamism with the title “Lollipop“. Currently the group is in the middle of the army for the members, which is why those who have not yet left are focusing on their solo career, with in particular TAEHO who will make his solo debut, UNGJAE who manages his fashion side and LEE SANG that you see appearing in different dramas.

Subsequently we made you discover or rediscover a somewhat special group, they are REFUND SISTERS.

In itself it is not a group as we understand it, because this one brings together 4 artists, the rapper JESSI, the singer UHM JUNG HWA, the member of MAMAMOO, HWASA and the great artist LEE HYORI. The group was formed after the show “Hangout with Yoo” and wanted to show the strength of women, and, that are not weak “things” that can be exploited at will.

On this Thursday we rediscovered the beginnings of the group 24K, in 2012 when they made their debut, they arrived with a masculine and powerful title with a style pulling towards the hiphop. But is Korea ready at this time to really welcome them? Unfortunately no, the style, even if it is interesting, does not correspond to the codes of the time and it is difficult for the group to find its audience with this title.

The group will change concept thereafter, but it will also change its members several times for various reasons. The group still exists today and the members numbering 4 are awaiting a comeback.

After the strong and dark side we move on to the fresh and sparkling sides of the group YELLOW BE.

If the group begins in 2017 with this title, the composition of the members will change radically in 2019 and in July 2020 a statute of their agency will announce the separation of the group.

Finally to end the week we got to talk to you about a small group, oh unfortunately with little popularity, little talent but we still had to talk about it. What, eh what ?! It is of course the opposite of all this since we have made you relive the beginnings of the group ATEEZ.

It was towards the end of 2018 that the public discovered the members of ATEEZ from the agency KQ Entertainment. On KSTATION TV we first told you about KQ FELLAZ, the pre-debut name of the group that revealed performance covers to you and already we felt that the group was going to do something good. For their debut, the 8 boys released a main MV and a performance video on the title “Pirate King” and very quickly Europe and the USA seized the group which announced great performances. The sequel you are experiencing right now if you follow the show “Kingdom: Legendary war“.

Different styles, notoriety at different levels, but all of them do what they love, music, hoping you enjoyed discovering or rediscovering the debuts of all these artists.

Did you all know them? What do you think ? Tell us all in the comments.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube

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