Saturday, September 30, 2023
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2PM: The comeback may be sexy and dazzling

Group 2PM will make a comeback with the entire group approximately five years after the release of its last title.

JYP Entertainment released the video trailer for “2PM <MUST> Trailer: The Hotest Origin” on its official social networking service channel on June 7th, which has thrilled fans awaiting the full return of 2PM.

The trailer is designed to give you a feel for the charm of 2PM, which has unique members and influences among K-pop groups. From NICHKHUN, who appears as in a high-end perfume commercial to JUNHO, who unties his tie while washing his car, JUN-K seems to be thinking of something deep with nocturnal inspiration. TAECYEON, with a smart air focused on his work, WOO YOUNG, in a dreamy atmosphere, and CHANSUNG, who shows his wild and rebellious side in a vintage car, perfectly embodying the masculine beauty of the perfect boyfriend, eliciting exclamation from fans.

2PM has been fully preparing for their first new full album in about five years, since their sixth full album “GENTLEMEN’S GAME” released in September 2016. The group is committed to delivering their own, top quality content by combining music that doesn’t will not spoil the long wait of the HOTTESTS (fans of the group) and the passion of the members.

2PM, which saw the completion of JUNHO’s military service last March, is drawing attention as the largest, long-awaited return group in the music industry. Last year, the true value of the title song “My house“, released in 2015, was revisited and still enjoys great popularity. Thanks to the craze for “My house“, fans are showing high expectations and great interest in the uniqueness of the sexy side of all 2PM members after a long time.

2PM’s new album “MUST” will be released on various music sites at 6pm on June 28th and will be pre-sold starting at noon today.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS 2PM

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