NU’EST: Happy birthday JR

JR is a member of NU’EST (ARON, JR, MINHYUN, BAEKHO, REN), a group managed by Pledis Entertainment. Today, June 8, 2021, JR turns 26. For this occasion, the K-Station TV team has decided to dedicate this article to him, which will allow you to learn more about him!

Some facts about him:

He was spotted by the agency when he was leaving school. When he got a proposal from Pledis Entertainment to become a trainee, his father was totally against it. He finally agreed after JR explained how important it was to him.

He was the first member of NU’EST to be presented by Pledis, to announce the debut of the agency’s first boy group in 2012.

He spends all his free time watching mangas, playing video games or writing songs lyrics. JR confirmed this in an interview in Japan: “As a passion, I watch anime. Rather than being addicted, I feel like it’s become a part of my life because I watch it every day.” . Members of NU’EST say it’s a disease in him.

He is a specialist for crazy dances! But when he gets serious again, he’s an excellent dancer.

It is very popular in the entertainment world. Many people who have worked with him say that he is kind, polite, innocent and very caring.

In 2017, he participated in Produce 101 as a trainee. He was one of the favorites throughout the show and has repeatedly reached 1st place in the weekly rankings. However, he was not selected in the final group, and was ranked 14th. He then became a member of the temporary group NU’EST W (JR, ARON, REN, BAEKHO), waiting for the return of MINHYUN, which was one of the 11 members of WANNA ONE, a group formed at the end of the show.

Following his participation in Produce 101, he was a permanent member of several variety programs: Suspicious Singer (TVN), Law of the jungle (SBS), First Time Since Born (SBSFUN), Borrow Trouble 2 (JTBC2), Love Catcher (MNET) etc…

He is known to have a multi-faceted personality. Indeed, he is very charismatic, especially when he is on stage, but he can also be very cute, discreet, shy and introverted. He is also known for his beautiful smile. Members say he has the best smile in the group.

But what characterizes JR the most is his humility and sensitivity when it comes to his role as a leader. Since NU’EST was not having success before their participation on Produce 101, JR said that their failure was entirely his fault, that he had not known how to be a good leader. He blamed himself whenever NU’EST received criticism from the public. He has said several times on Produce 101. “I am the leader of NU’EST. There will be people who will to think, “They are here because they are not successful.” It looks like NU’EST is going through a difficuel time because of me. “.

However, he has repeatedly shown that he was an incomparable leader. Indeed, he regularly “saved” his members, when embarrassing questions were asked, by answering for them. During Produce 101, his leadership role was also honored: he was nicknamed “Nation’s Leader” by viewers of the show, fans or not of NU’EST, because of his humility and leadership he has shown towards other trainees.

We wish JR a happy birthday!

Journalist : Arie
Translator : Arie

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