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DAY6 / EVEN OF DAY : package visuals for “Right through me”

EVEN OF DAY gets ready for its comeback with the “Right through me“.

The sub unit of the K band from JYP ENTERTAINMENT, DAY6, called EVEN OF DAY and composed by the members YOUNG K, WONPIL & DOWOON, is about to release its second mini-album entitled “Right through me“.

The album’s package visuals and tracklist have been released.


DAY6’s leader, SUNGJIN, has been the first member (and only one for now) to go for his military service, right at the same time with the band’s comebac with the album “THE BOOK OF US : NEGENTROPY“, that ends the albums’ sage “THE BOOK OF US“.

Journalist: Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source : DAY6 SNS



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