BEWHY: It’s his turn to do his military service.

BEWHY will join the military in August to fulfill his military duty.

An official at BEWHY’s agency, Dejavu Group, told HeraldPOP outlet on July 13, BEWHY will enter the military training facility on August 23rd. He will serve faithfully as a maritime police officer.

Newlywed BEWHY, who broke the news of his marriage last year, is once again drawing attention by delivering big news in a row less than a year after the previous one, before he entered the military.

When he announced his wedding last year, BEWHY said, “Fortunately, I met my life partner around the age of 20 and want to start a family after eight years of dating, so I want to wear the fruit of my love before joining military service.

As BEWHY said, they broke the secrecy of an eight-year relationship and validated the fruit of their love before he joined the military, and then the couple held a private ceremony in October of the last year with only family members and acquaintances of both families, and congratulations from their fellow rappers and netizens.

Since her marriage, BEWHY has faithfully engaged in recording and broadcasting activities, managing both his work and his love, and is now ready to serve in the military for the next two years. This is followed by cheers from fans eager to find him back in his activities after returning from military service.

BEWHY debuted with the single “Waltz” in 2014 and rose to prominence by winning Mnet’s hip-hop survival show “Show Me the Money 5” in 2016.

In 2019, he formed the group Dejavu to sign with producer Biang, rapper Kundipanda and Son Simba, and recently worked as a producer with Dynamic Duo on “Show Me the Money 9”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Heraldpop

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