VICTON: A solo cover

HAN SEUNG WOO of the group VICTON showed his skills through a live video cover.

Recently, the cover video for RED VEVLET’s track “Psycho” by HAN SEUNG WOO was shown on the YouTube channel “Mdromeda KPOP”, drawing the attention of global K-pop fans including Thailand.

In the video, HAN SEUNG WOO proved his solid live performance by skillfully singing songs and rapping alone on the title of the five-girl group. “Psycho” by HAN SEUNG WOO, who arranged the title in an acoustic version and reinterpreted it in a different atmosphere from the original song, receives favorable reviews from many people for unveiling more appealing sounds. lively, accompanied by a band, live.

In particular, the video has spread rapidly via SNS such as Twitter, registering a high number of retweets, and fans around the world continue to demonstrate enthusiastic responses. YouTube comments are also pouring in, “As expected, HAN SEUNG WOO, so you don’t have time to get bored with the performance of Psycho” and “Amazing, Han Seung-woo rocked, really.

HAN SEUNG WOO released his first full album with the band VICTON earlier this year, proving a solid rise in breaking “his own record” in both music and album. HAN SEUNG WOO, who announced his solo comeback after more than 10 months with his second mini album “FADE” on the 28th of last month, showed off his solid male solo career, placing third in the iTunes Top Album Charts. daily, in nine regions of the world and No. 1 the first week of July. Earlier, HAN SEUNG WOO informed his fans about his enlistment in the military and is expected to join the military on July 26th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: PLAYM Entertainment

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