JEON SOMI: Take note of her return

Singer JEON SOMI showed off an unexpected charm with teasers.


At 1 pm on July 26th, The Black Label posted the third series of teaser photos of JEON SOMI‘s new song “Dumb dumb” on its official SNS.

The first photo teaser is reminiscent of a notebook with a yellow cover containing heart-shaped stickers and the title of the new song “Dumb-dumb” written in a handwritten manner.

JEON SOMI caught the eye with her kitsch purple outfit, silk gloves and unique makeup in blue colors. The unique makeup and vivid colors that famous makeup artist Pony participated in highlighted the full look of JEON SOMI.


A more colorful version of the first image teaser, which was unveiled on July 23rd, has also been released. We discover JEON SOMI, wearing a pretty look with heart patterns, showing her “teenage” side by making a fresh and playful expression.

And in a third photo, she also emits a chic aura unlike the previous ones. JEON SOMI is sitting in a place with red lights looking straight ahead, chin up. The teaser images, which have a distinct difference in temperature, have raised questions about the concept of JEON SOMI‘s comeback and her new song.


JEON SOMI topped the iTunes K-pop charts in nine countries and regions around the world with “What you waiting for,” released in July of last year. Additionally, she became an unrivaled “solo queen” by dominating Mnet’s “M Countdown”.

JEON SOMI, who is about to return to Korea, will present irreplaceable music and performances with “Dumb dumb“. “Dumb dumb“, which is made up of JEON SOMI‘s own color, should re-prove its title of “Trendy Female Solo” with a fresh charm that will once again surprise listeners.

JEON SOMI‘s new song “Dumb dumb” will be released on various music sites at 6pm on August 2nd.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: The Black label

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