KANG INSOO: Should there be a reason for everything?

For a first single, it’s like a first vacation love.


The agency iME KOREA, published today at 12 pm on the SNS of KANG INSOO, a photo teaser, concept photo 01, to announce the release of the singer and actor’s first digital single.

In the unveiled teaser, KANG INSOO sits cross-legged on the sand of the beach, with a notebook and pen in his hands, as if he is writing the new lyrics to a song, with his headphones in his ears.

The photo remains very simple, allowing a very natural and simple atmosphere to shine through. On the picture we can also read “Love yourself” and the sentences “Why do you make a reason, why do you need a reason“. In view of the mood of the photo and these sentences, we can imagine that KANG INSOO is talking about a person who loves someone and that this one would ask him why he loves her. But love doesn’t need a reason to appear.

KANG INSOO will release his first digital single on August 7th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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