KIM WOO JIN: A debut mini album audio

Vocalist KIM WOO JIN released an audio teaser for “PURPLE SKY,” raising expectations for the album.


On July 27, 10x Entertainment, the artist’s agency, released an audio teaser for KIM WOO JIN‘s debut mini album “THE MOMENT: 未成年 a minor“, on its official SNS.

The audio teaser for “Purple sky“, which was released the same day, is a short 23 second teaser, featuring the warm voice of KIM WOO JIN with a bright and eerie sound for about 10 seconds.

The published lyrics and songwriter information together include D. June, Jay, Lee Hyundo, and KIM WOO JIN who performed the lyrics for the song.

10x Entertainment has revealed that star songwriter Ryan S. Jhun and lyricist Lee Seu Ran featured on KIM WOO JIN‘s debut album through audio teasers released on July 25-26. Participants in the colorful album raise expectations for it.

KIM WOO JIN was on MBC’s “Show Music core” show on July 17th, performing his first single “Still dream”. KIM WOO JIN‘s debut mini album, “THE MOMENT: 未成年 a minor“, will be released August 5th at 6pm on all music sites.

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