SAN E: A new title with Yuju

Rapper SAN E has released a new song, “So silly“.


Earlier, SAN E posted a photo taken with Yuju on his official Instagram account, announcing the release schedule for his new song “So silly“.

SAN E x Yuju

The new song, “So silly“, is a heartwarming song that expresses the excitement before a relationship and describes the love process of a man and woman who love each other but can’t seem to tell each other first.

So silly” is a song that has already made the hearts of many people beat faster, and a song similar to the recent remake of “A midsummer night’s sweetness“, which should again shake the hearts of fans with the warm rap of SAN E and Yuju’s refreshing voice.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS SAN E

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