ONF: Summer in the whole album

ONF unveiled its list of songs ahead of its return on August 9th.

On July 28th, WM Entertainment released a tracklist from ONF’s summer pop-up album “POPPING” on its official SNS.

ONF‘s summer pop-up album “POPPING” consists of a total of five tracks, including the title track “Popping“, “Summer poem“, “Summer shape“, “Dry ice” and “Summer end.”

The published track list attracts more attention as the tracks have been unveiled, such as the moon growing until it is full. In particular, the word “여름 (summer)” is included in the titles of all the tracks unveiled, adding curiosity for the new album, which will refresh the hot summer.

Plus, many K-pop fans are eagerly awaiting whether ONF, who collaborated with songwriter Hwang Hyun from Monotree, the production team, who have shown fantastic chemistry since their debut, will continue the reputation. from “group to masterpieces”.

In addition, ONF is upping the excitement of its comeback by publishing posters for its first reality show “Dive in ONF” since its debuts. This one will be released on August 10th, the day after the album’s release, with a reality TV show featuring the sweet ONF vacation, which will give the six members a more real, innocent appearance, and pleasant energy. .

The first title track from the full ONF album “Beautiful beautiful” was released in February, and the title track from the repackage album “Ugly Dance” released in April reached the top of various national music sites, beating its own. record 10 million initial sales and won a music show for the first time since the start of its career.

ONF will be releasing their summer pop-up album “POPPING” on various music sites at 6pm on August 9th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: WM Entertainment

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