SEVENTEEN: The 5th Carat land, joy for all

Here we are again gathered for the “SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND“.


Today August 8th at 5 p.m., the group SEVENTEEN performs live, in order to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, its famous “2021 SVT 5TH FAN MEETING ‘SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND“.

This is a very important moment for fans all over the world who can see the members all gathered. Since the event takes place on the Weverse application, you had to reserve your seats. The advantage of the online version allows all fans to have the chance to see their favorite band. KSTATION TV was there and here’s what you missed if you weren’t there.

Before the start of this “2021 SVT 5TH FAN MEETING ‘SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND“, the boys of SEVENTEEN, HOSHI, WONWOO, MINGYU, THE8, JUN, SEUNGKWAN, VERNON, WOOZI, JOSHUA, JEONGHAN, S.COUPS, DINO and DK , Had left us a teaser to immerse you in the atmosphere of this new fan meeting.

The doors of the fan meeting opened about an hour before the start of it to get you in the mood, with the broadcast of different MV and stage performances from previous fan meetings and concerts. Something to delight all the Carats (fans of the group).

Be careful, the doors open and it all begins.


Here we are in “Carat land” a colorful place with different restaurants, coffee shops like those of the 60s. The 13 members of the group SEVENTEEN come to the fore in very casual denin outfits having just different shades. To get the fan meeting off to a good start, we start with the title “Ready to love“.

The members of the group will introduce themselves, one after the other,

before saying a few words to the fans, hoping they are healthy. The group thanks all Carats for attending and knows that even though the fan meeting is online to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the members are quite happy as it allows fans around the world to be in attendance. The group has also created this fan meeting by bringing a concept that will allow everyone to be happy. After these few words the boys will continue with the title “Heaven’s cloud” so that everyone has their heads in the clouds.

Several of the stage performances, as explained during the fan meeting, are not live, because the group had to respect the instructions of the health agency. South Korea being at level 4 on a classification which at 5 levels, Koreans must respect strict rules regarding the gathering of people.

SEVENTEEN, during this fan meeting, will make different games, moments of exchange between them but also for the fans, which will allow them to discover little anecdotes and other amusements. With the “Sweet & Bitter” question game where a member will have to confess something about another member. Or the “Find the song” game in which, with only the initials of each syllable of a phrase in a song, members will have to guess which one it is.

The title “Oh my!” The atmosphere of the games will be cut off before performing a final one called “Puzzle problem”, the boys have an action to guess and do by putting the syllables in the right order. Getting into a team (vocal team, performance team, hiphop team), the battle will rage, because SEVENTEEN are players and the entertainment knows them.

Being grouped into different teams, the 13 members decided to perform “challenge” type services, each will take on the role of the other and that’s how we discovered the vocal team to start rapping on the track “Check in” which will turn into …..” Chicken “. A very interesting moment but also a very funny one.

The good things always having an end, we find some titles like “Love letter” which will be part of the songs of the “Encore” showing the different styles of SEVENTEEN.

And to finish this fan meeting, we could not miss it, because it was the birthday of member S.COUPS.

The group SEVENTEEN closes this fan meeting with the title “Holiday” which is quite appropriate. The boys have confirmed to us once again that they are comfortable, funny and talented. The carats took full eyes and spent a moment of joy for 4 hours.

Journalist: Shawn
Photos: KSTATION TV Capture
Source: KSTATION TV / Pledis Entertainment

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