TRIPLE7 : Hot debut

The co-ed group 777 (TRIPLE7) makes its official debut by releasing its new song « Presente » today.

Project group 777 (TRIPLE7) released its first digital single « Presente » on various music sites at 6 pm today August 10th. 777‘s new song « Presente » will be released in two versions, Korean and Spanish, which are expected to captivate fans in South Korea and abroad.

777‘s debut song « Presente » is a Latin pop dance song with an emotional melody on top of a Spanish moombahton groove based on an energetic trap beat.

Produced in Madrid, Spain, the home of Latin music, the song was produced by K-pop hitmaker STEPHEN LEE and Spanish singer-songwriter PAULA ROJO who worked on the Marvel Avengers theme song « In Memories » as well as OH MY GIRL’s « Slightly Excited » and « Secret Garden ».

777 (TRIPLE7) is a season group project composed of GH Entertainment’s representative singers from B.I.G and 3YE. Starting this summer, 777 (TRIPLE7) will captivate global fans with seasonal songs and sensuous performances.

The combination of bold couple performances and male and female voices that the co-ed group can show will appeal to the public. They will definitely see a new charm that each team has not shown. Expectations are high on what synergy the two groups, which are loved abroad, will show.

B.I.G, which debuted in 2014, has conducted a Global Cover Project by posting various Arab song cover videos such as « La Bezzaf » « LM3ALLEM » « Boshret Kheir », and « 3DAQAT » on SNS. In December 2019, the members were awarded the “Korean Award for shining Korea” in recognition of their contribution to promoting K-pop to the Arab region.

3YE started its activities with « Do Ma Thang » (« DMT ») in 2019. Since then, 3YE has confirmed its unique team color through « OOMM » (« Out of My Mind »), « Queen », and « Yessir ». The group released « Stalker » in April, drawing attention as a heterogeneous rookie girl group.

777‘s debut song « Presente » was released at 6 pm KST today.

Journalist: Florence
Translator: Florence
Source: GH Entertainment

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