A.C.E: It’s MC KWAN birthday

KIM BYEONGKWAN is A.C.E’s  main performer and  rapper , he was born on August 13, 1996 in Seoul.


Child BYEONGKWAN is very studious and a good student, he is class representative and wants to become a marine biologist. But in 2008, he sees a RAIN’s performance and changes his dream and wants to become Idol. His parents are against it and refuse to hear about it meaningless dream, so it is his grandmother who finances his dance school.

In 2011 BYEONGKWAN participated in the Kpop Star show where he met Big Matthew from Kard. He joined JYP Entertainment in 2014, where he met and befriended future members of Stray kids and Twice.

In October 2015, he left JYP with CHAN and they joined the future Beat Interactive.

Between 2016 and 2017, with the other members of the group, BYEONGKWAN is presented under the nickname JASON, he made appearances in several shows and dramas, participate in buskin in the streets of Seoul and post covers on the group’s youtube channel. .

On May 23, 2017, the group finally made its debut, but there was no success. To boost the group’s popularity at the end of 2017, the members participated in two survivial shows JUNHEE and YUCHANat The Unit on KBS and DONGHUN,SEHYOON and  BYEONGKWON at Mixnine on JTBC.

That’s when JASON disappears and BYEONGKWAN takes his name back.

Thanks to his talent in dance and his perfectly executed performances, he won Yang Hyun-suk and viewers’ interests, and managed to climb to the 4th position but following a disagreement between YG and the agencies of the participants, the group from the show will never debut.

BYEONGKWAN therefore returned to A.C.E with the other members but without YUCHAN who started again with UnB the group formed following the show The Unit.

At the start of 2020 BYEONGKWAN becomes the 1st non-native English speaker to host the Pops in Seoul show on Arirang TV, for his fans he becomes MC KWAN.

He admitted that it takes him 5 min to master the choreographies he presents during the sequence “Dance how to

On October 10, 2020 BYEONGKWAN participated in the panel discussion for the mentale health hosted by singer Lauv. The Korean opened up about the struggles as a kpop idol, his personal struggles, and the outlook on mental illness in Korean society.

BYEONGKWAN made his acting debut as Oh BaUi in the drama “Be my boyfriend” in February 2021.

Despite his very busy schedule BYEONGKWAN wants to be as close as possible to his fans, so he works on his English regularly and finds the time to chat with his fans as often as possible, he is known in the kpop community for his “menpas” (party mentions ) on twitter because they are very funny.

Let us wish a happy birthday to BYEONGKWAN an other multi talented A.C.E’s member.

Journalist: Subaru
Translator: Subaru
Source: Beat Interactvie / JTBC / JYP / VIKI / Arirang TV

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